IEFA Institute of Emergency First Aiders
First Aid Training

Our first aid training consists of workshops in which formal instruction is given and practical demonstrations and practice of techniques such as performing CPR, using an AED, providing proper spinal injury care and more are done under supervision of our trained facilitators.
Fire Fighting Training

Our basic fire fighting training will equip employees to prevent fires and to contain and/or extinguish an incipient-stage fire. Fire fighting training includes emergency evacuation procedures and how to alert the fire department.
Hazmat Training

Our hazmat training course includes: 1. Safety and Scene Control 2. Hazardous Materials 3. Handling Emergencies involving Hazardous Materials 4. Effects of Hazardous Materials on the body 5. Signs and Symptoms of Hazmat contamination 6. Decontamination Procedures and 7. Identifying Hazardous Chemical Substances.
Health & Safety

This course will enable health and safety representatives to understand the objectives and legal requirements regarding health and safety in the workplace.
HIV/AIDS Training

This HIV/AIDS course will give learners a broad knowledge about HIV/AIDS that will enable them to be informed and caring workers. The focus is knowledge, skills, values and attitudes in relation to the learner`s own context and experience of the world of work.
AHA, CPR & AED Training

Our AHA, CPR & AED training course includes: 1. BLS/CPR Basics for Adults 2. Adult Compressions & Breaths Practice 3. Breaths with Bag-Mask for Adult Victims 4. Defibrillation: AED Introduction & Use and 5. Using the AED Trainer.
Evacuation Awareness

All our courses are designed to help learners to work logically, efficiently and effectively when assessing and managing an emergency by using a systematic approach.
Breathing Apparatus

The breathing apparatus training course will enable the learner to use a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) safely and effectively during normal occupational assignments and emergency operations.
Accident Investigation

This course will enable participants to identify and explain the legal and site-specific requirements regulating the reporting and investigation of workplace incidents.