ICE3 - An ecosystem of security services and products that integrate past, present and future alarm monitoring systems with CCTV, smart IoT and more ...
Benefits from YESTERDAY

The past has left us with cash-strapped consumers and an almost stagnant pool of local alarm installations. ICE3 integrates with existing alarm systems and converges them with new technologies. Cost and compatibility are key here.

Upgrade and integrate existing alarm installations

Upgrade old accounts

Upgrade and integrate existing alarm installations without ripping out the panel or sensors. Re-engage your customers by upselling much sought-after mobile app functions onto their old systems. The customer's keypad is now in their pockets with functions like arm/disarm, alarm signal push notifications and much more.

Improve customer retention

Like it or not, churning of accounts determines, to a large extent, whether security companies achieve overall growth in link-up revenue. Hold on to your current link-ups by taking the first steps to securing that illusive golden thread of dependability. Integrate onto this single ecosystem to retain your current base.
Benefits for TODAY

The best new technologies come at a premium. ICE3 however, allows you to grow revenue from customers with limited disposable income by offering relevant new technology services, keeping it cost effective and presenting the new services incrementally.

IP/Wi-Fi cameras can be added to existing alarm installations right now and be controlled in the same app

Add video monitoring right now

ICE3's IP/Wi-Fi cameras can be added to existing alarm installations right now and be controlled in the same app. It features end-to-end data security and requires no NVR or DVR. Start by upselling a simple low-cost camera solution to existing customers, adding to your monthly income streams. The initial exposure to video, makes it easier to up-sell additional cameras later on.

Relay expander adds app functions to any panel right now

The low-cost expander enables the use of the mobile app for remote arm/disarm with the push notifications functions to just about any alarm panel brand.
Benefits for TOMORROW

How can security companies become the primary gateway to the rich pickings of smart home and IoT opportunities of the future? Yes, the TELCO's, Amazons and Googles of Industry 4.0 have already made major strides in developed countries. But, with the future built-in to the this locally developed system, ICE3 is that elusive gateway to the wealth of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Smart home/business IoT market

The perfect, incremental gateway to the emerging smart home/business IoT market

With the future built-in to the ecosystem, each added GSM-ICE3 Gateway unit represents real opportunities for future monthly revenue streams incrementally. Start laying the foundation today and secure your business in the uncertain environment of tomorrow.

Next in line, add smart home/business IoT functions

Next to be launched is a Z-wave based range of smart home/business products. Already fully developed into both platform and app, these products will grow into a comprehensive IoT offering with all the expected customisation features such as scene setups, energy saving and temperature management. Even voice control of alarm and IoT systems with Amazon Echo (Alexa) and Google Home will soon be available.
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