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Project Management Software

Managing a project correctly could make or break a business. Being able to track costings from day 1 all the way through to completion is vital. Our online Project Management Software allows you to manage these jobs all in one place.
Management Software for Electricians

Eworks Manager multi-functional system will allow you to create quotes, create jobs, assign contractors and complete invoices relating to electrical works - all from one system. When using contractors out in the field, it is helpful knowing their progression on the job you assigned to them, as you will have the answers to your clients' questions relating to the job.
CMMS Software Features

Job Card Management
With Eworks Manager, our CMMS Software makes managing your jobs easy and will allow you to appoint, plan and action all tasks required for you to get the job done fast, efficiently, with profit and on time.

Lead Management
Increase sales with managing your leads in our Lead Management section. You can import them into the system and distribute and customise them to your sales teams.
Job Scheduling App

Offline Mobile Solution
When working in remote places, problems may arise when you don’t have a data connection – not a problem with our offline mode in Eworks Manager.

Mobile Inventory
Manage all your van stock. Order new products from your warehouse and suppliers. Track all products used on all jobs.
Job Scheduling Software

All mobile workers can use any smartphone/tablet to have their jobs sent to them. Long gone are the days to be in the office at 8 am to receive your jobs for the day. When using our App, the office can send your jobs and appointments directly to you. This enables you to go straight to your job and complete it with all the information you require in your hand. The admin system manages and tracks the progress of all jobs in real time. Eworks’ Job Scheduling Software lets you make time-critical decisions a lot easier. The admin system tracks travel, appointment time and expenses so you get a true cost of the job in progress.
Property Maintenance Software

A Full Featured Property Maintenance Software System Designed to Manage and Streamline Your Entire Business from Start to End.

- Create, Assign & Schedule Jobs
- Track Staff & Monitor Progress
- Authorise & Invoice Immediately
- Create, Customise & Email Quotes – Anytime, Anywhere
Asset Management System

A Full Featured Asset Management System Designed to Manage and Streamline Your Entire Business from Start to End.

- Track History & Current Jobs
- Manage Asset Components
- Manage Asset Location
- Save Costs & Time
Management Software for Plumbers

Managing a team of plumbers is hard to do, receiving the job, booking it into the diary, receiving and processing the forms back from the plumbing engineers and then processing them for invoicing.
Planned Preventative Maintenance Software

If you’re looking for an all-in-one Job Management System then you have come to the right place! Eworks Manager is one of the leading Job Management Systems on the market today with our software constantly developing and offering new handy features to help your business workflow, digitally!
Job Management Software

Are you drowning in ongoing paperwork? Do you need help organising your staff and job load? Well, look no further as Eworks Manager will become your new business partner!

We offer an all-in-one Job Management Solution, so you can manage all your invoices, quotes, jobs and much more across the board! You can create jobs on the system and then allocate them to your field staff, where they can then go on the app and accept the work.
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